Commercial Video/Showreels

We have an expertise in providing commercial videography services for a wide range of purposes in varying industries. They vary from live events and presentations in the corporate world of finances and real estate to different showreels and commercials in hospitality, food and entertainment industries. As a rule, our projects are handled by several staff members who do technical and conceptual preparations for the shoots; we often send multiple camera operators to live events and shows where several camera angles need to be captured, and we keep the quality service in the post-production and editing process.

We have a team of professionals who are experienced and who take direction from the client very well. We prioritize the intention and the purpose of the final product and weave all the footage through the outline carefully prepared from the client’s instructions. It’s also not uncommon to have worked with clients who don’t have a precise vision of what the final product will look like, in which cases we collaboratively work on getting the needed results. Also working alongside our events photography team.

Our commercial videography focuses a great deal on necessary details which is required for showcasing a service, a product or a team of professionals. All the special moments of inspiration, sentiment and the spontaneity at the live events are captured by the all-seeing camera lens. We approach new projects with a lot of enthusiasm and we love working with individuals and organizations who treat their businesses the same way. We find it to be a perfect recipe for delivering great results.