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Creative portrait photography

The good news as a creative portrait photographer Southend this year has been nice and busy, the bad news is I get all these ideas for shoots but am struggling to find time to set them up…

When watching movies these days I always find myself admiring the lighting and styling techniques, the imagery today is just fantastic and a great way to find some inspiration for any portrait photographer..  Tomb Raider is certainly not a new film but produced some iconic images which is the base idea for this stylized photo shoot.

This set of creative portrait pictures are a composite, which is basically where I shoot the model in my Southend based studio then add the background in after.  Theirs several ways of doing this either buy cutting the subject out from its original background or like in these one’s using the blending modes in photo-shop which helps keep in the shadows and stray hairs.. (see shadows on the chair shot below are from the original studio shot) It’s a technique I use quite often on my corporate portrait photography

Portrait photographer Southend

Here’s the original straight out of camera.

Portrait photographer Southend

Quality modern event photography | Portrait photographer Southend

It’s a three light set up, one soft box each side and to the rear. One large soft box front at a few stops less power than the sides.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III
50 mm
1/125 at f/10
Fired, compulsory mode
0 EV
ISO 100

Commercial portrait photographer

Below is the finished article, to get the blend right once I’ve added the subject to the background I’ll add several photo-shop adjustment layers to the whole picture which then brings it all together..
photographer Southend on sea

Quality modern event photographer

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