Professional photography | Essex London and Country wide.Professional corporate portrait and advertising images to property, editorial and press photography.

If you want your professional photography to be a little more on the creative side. With our advance knowledge of photo editing and lighting techniques we’ll create outstanding images to give your website or advertising campaign an extra punch that will push it above the competition!

Press & Editiorial photography

Sharp Media is a one stop shop for any of your commercial photography and videography needs. While building our business we have been paying close attention to the importance of maintaining a healthy dynamic within our team and with our clients. A healthy dynamic between people is based on good communication. Anyone who manages a healthy and profitable business will agree with this statement. We believe that a business flourishes not from the amount of sales but rather from an experience it provides people with.

Photographs and media that the business uses are its way of communication, regardless of what purpose they are used for. Whether it’s to represent itself to its clients, colleagues or even to make memories for itself and its future members. We understand the importance of good representation and we work very hard to make sure you are represented in the best way possible.

We are highly experienced in delivering high quality promotional materials by making the product look indispensable to its audience. While reaching this target we will never compromise your integrity because we know it’s often more important than the initial appeal.

If an actor walks in into the audition room after impressing everyone with his or her headshot and doesn’t look anything like the picture, chances are, he or she is not getting hired. If a client purchases your product online and receives something that looks completely different, chances are they will not only return it, but will give you a bad review and tell all their friends about your poor practices. Integrity is essential in whatever it is you do. And we make sure to communicate it on the professional photography and videos that we deliver.

We have experience working with a very large range of businesses and varying industries – entertainment, real estate, corporate businesses, sports, fitness, and medical. Whether you need a training video, a show reel, a virtual tour of the property, we have the necessary equipment, software and skills to deliver great representation of you or your product/service. You can trust us to work with closely with you, listen well and put our best foot forward with delivering the final result.